Color Club “High Society”

I have a whirlwind of job interviews! I have mentioned that I’m in law school on my blog more times than I can count but one thing that people don’t realize is that the job you get in the first summer of law school is arguably the most important job a lawyer can get.  If you can land a certain type of job, it opens numerous doors for you.  So I have been applying for jobs for over a month for the summer months and it always seemed crazy to me that applying for jobs is basically a job in itself and everything I’m going for is unpaid.  Anyways, long story short, I finally got some interviews! So last weekend I bought a few suits and this morning marked the start of my crazy marathon of job interviews.  So tamed my hair and went for a neutral, interview appropriate nail polish.

Color Club “High Society” is one of those greige colors.  It is a light beige that has a lot of grey tones to it.  In some lights it almost looks like a putty color and in other lights it looks like a rainy sky.  But it did exactly what I needed it to.  It covered up the dark purple shellac and it gave me a more sophisticated and not offensive color.  This was one of the polishes I got in my swap and I know Zenorah is in love with this color.  I really do love it too, it covered up the dark purple in 3 coats and hasn’t chipped.  I feel like this is the perfect color for a nail polish addict who needs to look professional because its such a trendy color but very office appropriate.

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