Project “Use my Un-Used” Polishes!

So when I got my China Glaze Hunger Games colors, I realized very quickly that I have a ton of polishes in my collection that I have never worn! I don’t know when that happened to me.  I remember that I used to buy polishes and be so excited to go home and immediately put them on. I don’t know when I bought so many polishes that I couldn’t get through them all and try them all out.  But I put myself on a project pan a little while ago and I’m including nail polishes, but my nail polish pan isn’t exactly a traditional project pan.  This is going to by my “Project Use my Un-Used Polishes”. 

I won’t let myself buy any more until I can get through all the polishes I haven’t worn yet. And right now the count is at 26 polishes that I haven’t worn! Lets get this started

Polishes on this “Project Use my Un-Used”:

1. Essie “Navigate Her”

2. Essie “California Coral”

3. China Glaze “Kinetic Candy”

4. China Glaze “Dress Me Up”

5. China Glaze “Fois Gras”

6. China Glaze “Fast Track”

7. China Glaze “Agro”

8. China Glaze “Harvest Moon”

9. China Glaze “Electrify”

10. China Glaze “Smoke and Ashes”

11. Orly “Androgynie”

12. Misa “Dirty Sexy Money”

13. Misa “Quirky”

14. Color Club “Revvvolution”

15. Color Club “With Abandon”

16. Color Club (don’t know the name)

17. Wet ‘n Wild “Cougar Attack”

18. Quo “Mystic Night”

19. Quo “Celestial Star”

20. Barry M “Silver Glitter”

21. H&M “Chica Boom Boom”

22. H&M “Miss Stone Heart”

23. OPI “Fiercely Fiona”

24. OPI “Rumples Wiggin”

25. OPI “Simmer and Shimmer”

26. OPI “Divine Swine”


The scary part is that this isn’t all of the polishes that I haven’t tried! There were a few more that I had and decided that I wouldn’t wear them so they are going to be included in a giveaway.  I had 30 Un-Used polishes and 4 are going to find a new home one day.  So look forward to seeing a lot more Nail of the Day posts from me, in an effort to get through this crazy list!

And I had to include this picture, because he wouldn’t leave the polishes alone!

2 thoughts on “Project “Use my Un-Used” Polishes!

  1. omg what a beautiful kitty!!! he looks like my main coon bob! lmao i told myself the same thing that I wouldn’t buy anymore polishes till i used all of mine, but today i bought 5! and that is only because i stopped myself from buying ten.
    good luck holding yourself back!!!!! stay strong!

    • lol i know it probably won’t work … i’ll end up buying another nail polish rack before i stop buying nail polish. and thanks about my kitty lol hes definitely a handfull sometimes

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