Essence Get Big! Lashes Mascara Review

I bought this mascara on a whim the last time I was at Ulta.  I love the Essence brand, or at least all of the products I’ve tried.  They are so affordable and I think a great brand to get people started into makeup, because they have everything for cheap.  They even have a wide range of mascaras! So for $3 I couldn’t pass up the chance to try one out. They had out samples so you could see the brush before you bought it, so I ended up picking up Get Big! Lashes.

Formula:  The formula on this mascara is on the drier side.  I have had a long line of dry formula mascaras and while I’d rather have a dry than a wet, it makes it more time consuming to work with.  You need more coats to get the same effect as a wet mascara but dry formulas don’t clump, or at least not as much.  This isn’t the driest formula I’ve worked with but its getting there.

Brush: The brush is a traditional fiber bristled wand.  But the wand is super think, kind of like the cover girl lash blast.  Since the wand is that thick, you know the opening in the mascara bottle is going to be thicker too, which could possibly mean that it might dry out faster if you don’t have the cap screwed on tight.  But I that might be my own paranoid conclusion from this wand, I don’t know for sure.  Also the bristles are huge! They are tapered on either side and fatter in the middle, which is very reminiscent of a lot of other mascaras.  This brush isn’t overly unique but it is huge!

As you can see this brush pretty much takes up my entire eye!

But now on to the application! This is a picture of my naked lashes, with the brush underneath.


Application: This mascara definitely does do its job at volumizing.  I really like the volume that I get from this.  I don’t get any length at all, but thats ok sometimes.  If you’re a girl who likes to layer mascara you could always put a lengthening mascara down first, or second (whichever you prefer).  Another plus, this mascara is a buildable mascara.  This is 3 coats and after the first coat it looked like a better version of my natural eye lashes, except black and a little more volume.  2 coats is perfect if I’m not wearing any other eye makeup because it makes my lashes look volumized and big, but not Tammy Faye Baker-ized! Then 3 coats is perfect for my every day eye look or when I want a more dramatic eye look.  The only negative, it does flake a little if I touch my lashes.  I noticed this after a few hours of wear yesterday when I rubbed my eye.  If I touch my lashes throughout the day it will flake off, but hasn’t flaked on its own yet. It also smudged a little bit after 8 hours of wear on my lower lash line, but honestly, I’m not terribly upset about that.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised with this mascara.  I wasn’t expecting much for $3 even though its from a brand that I know comes out with some great stuff.  It does a great job volumizing, not great at lengthening, and gives a very black look.  Since its a drier formula, it can take longer to apply and get it this volumized, so if you want your lashes to look amazing on the first coat, this isn’t the mascara for you.  The only downside, the wear isn’t as long lasting as I would like but for me, that isn’t a deal breaker.

Grade: B+

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