China Glaze Prismatic Collection

Just when I start my Project Use my Un-Used, a stumble across the promotional materials for the China Glaze Prismatic Collection.  This is a new 6 piece collection of new glitters and some people have reported holographic polishes!

From China Glaze ” Array your nails in a myriad of color this spring with China Glaze’s limited edition Prismatic nail polish collection! Inspired by the colors formed by the refraction of light through a prism, Prismatic by China Glaze combines glitterand holographic particles to create the ultimate eye-catching, 3-dimensional manicure.”

You guys know me, you know I’m a sucker for glitter! I am counting down the days until the April release date because these seem right up my alley and would be absolutely amazing in the summer.  All I can think of is the densely packed glitter with some holographic-ness and I get so excited for those super sunny days!

 Ray-Diant: “Greenish-gold shimmer filled with specks of silver, pink, green, orange and blue.”

Polarized: “Silver metallic sheen sprinkled with yellow, pink, orange and green glitters.”

Liquid Crystal: “Bright blue holographic with purple tint dusted with silver, gold, green, pink and orange.”

Prism: “Grape purple holographic gleams with pink shimmer and glitters with pieces of pink, blue, green, orange, silver and gold”

Full Spectrum: “Baby pink bursts into holographic magenta to party with silver, gold, blue, pink and green particles”

Optical Illusion: “Aqua green glimmers with a hint of purple filled with pink, yellow, silver, orange and green flecks.”

I’m so excited about these colors! Scrangie put up swatches on these already so if you want to see these beauties in person you can click here.  China Glaze is definitely blowing me away this year, first with Electro Pop (the only spring collection I purchased), Hunger Games (bought 7 of the 12 and literally had the release date written in my day planner) and now this one next month. 

Are there any polishes that you’re excited about?

4 thoughts on “China Glaze Prismatic Collection

  1. I told myself that I wouldn’t purchase anymore nail polish for at least a few months. But, I don’t know. It’s going to be hard this season. I love glitter.

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