Essie “Navigate Her”

Polish #3 of my Project Use my Un-Used.  I have wanted this polish ever since I read that pistachio green was “IN” for this spring.  Honestly, I could go off on a crazy tangent about trends because I follow them and hate them at the same time.  Since I didn’t have a traditional pistachio in my collection (shocker!) I put this beauty on the top of my wish list.  Essie “Navigate Her” is a light green with a yellow undertone.  Everyone raves about Essie “Mint Candy Apple”, and while I love it, a mint green has too much of a blue tone for me to be as ga-ga over it as other people are.  This is the way I love to do a light green!

Navigate Her is a light green that is a little bit muted.  It has almost has a dusty quality to it, which I was not expecting because it seemed so bright in the bottle.  It is absolutely stunning though! I am honestly in love with this color and I know it will be a staple this spring and summer.  In the sunlight it retains that brightness which I was expecting but indoors it reminds me a lot of OPI “Stranger Tides” with a little more boldness to the green hue.  This was 2 coats, over the dark puple shellac, so if it can be opaque over a dark purple it definitely is opaque over the nail.  Not streaky at all and I am super impressed with this essie polish!

3 thoughts on “Essie “Navigate Her”

  1. great review holly! looks very nice on your skintone! i have picked up this colour and put it back down several times lol. I want it but i have too many! lol

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