Color Club “Revvvolution”

When I got this polish in the mail from Zenorah I about died! I had never had a grey holographic polish before, nor had I ever seen one.  I had no idea that Color Club made a holographic grey so I was dying to put this on my fingers.  I did a swatch on one nail a few weeks ago and decided to pass on it for the moment, so it made its way to my project list.  I finally brought it out again but needed a fun twist.  With all the interview appropriate manicures I have been sporting lately, I needed one with a pop of color to get my spring spirits going. 

Color Club “Revvvolution” is a charcoal grey holographic polish.  I am more impressed with this polish in the bottle than I am on my fingers.  While the shimmer makes to a beautiful polish, I was hoping for more of the holographic-ness to transfer onto the nails.  I love this polish in the bottle but I  don’t see any rainbow on my nails.  This is now my new favorite charcoal polish and that is saying something because charcoal is one of my favorite colors of all time! And of course, I had to add something to make this pop more so I added my brightest fuchsia in my collection, Julep “Helena”.  I’m not a fan of this polish on every nail, its a bit too much bright pink, but it is an amazing accent color.  This was a nice relief from my world of “appropriate” nail polishes!

4 thoughts on “Color Club “Revvvolution”

    • i think i was spoiled because i splurged on some glitter gal polishes and they are amazing. but its still a cool concept maybe i’ll pair it with china glaze fairy dust and it will look cool

  1. You got a dud. If you look at swatches online, you’ll see how it’s really supposed to look. That’s why I’ve never bought this color; I’m too afraid I’ll get the dud version.

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