How To: Glitter Ombre Nails!

I’m preparing for St. Patricks day! I am very Irish and EXTREMELY proud to be.  So St. Patricks day has a few different connotations for me.  But no matter what, I can rock green nails for a majority of the month of March in recognition of my ancestor’s patron saint.  Also, I decided to film a nail tutorial on how to get these awesome glitter gradient nails! Basically the idea is to fade from a green creme to a gold glitter.  So if you want to see a video on how to get these nails, go ahead and watch, and keep reading to see what you’ll need to get this look! 

products needed:
– cosmetic sponge
– nail polish
– glitter nail polish
– base coat and top coat
– tin foil (optional)

products used:
– julep emilie
– sinful colors call you later
– julep oscar

 Here are some more pictures so you can get a better look!



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