Van d’Go to the Candy Shop

Now that St Patrick’s Day is over, and the weather is abnormally warm, I felt like I needed a something lighter and more girly.  After all those green manicures I needed a little break so I decided its time for Easter egg type polishes! Be prepared for a bombardment of pastels and light fun glitters, even though a lot of the polishes I’ve haven’t tried out yet aren’t in that color category. I love this color combination, but hated the application.  Does it ever happen to you that your base coat is at the bottom of the bottle and it makes your manicure bubble like crazy after its dry? So needless to say, this didn’t stay long, but its such an awesome combo it will definitely be making another appearance.

Essie “Van d’Go” is a light pink with a little bit of a peach tone to it that is a cult favorite from Essie.  I picked it up recently because I was curious about it.  So many girls rave about this color and it constantly makes everyone’s top picks for Essie polishes, so I finally bit the bullet and bought it a few months ago.  And I have to say, I understand the hype! I didn’t think I would like this polish as much as I do because its such a girly color, but it is so flattering and would look good on any skin tone.  While it does fall into the classic Essie creme trap … thick, goopy, hard to work with, needs three coats … but it also falls into the category of polishes worth the hassle.  Needless to say, I don’t love the application but I love the color.  Then I had to add some extra glitter and decided to go for an unloved polish.  Deborah Lippmann “Candy Shop” is a pink jelly base with the ultra-popular confetti style glitter in it.  It is by far my favorite pink glitter and one of my favorite glitters of all time! It doesn’t get enough love but it was well worth the money!  This is 1 coat over 2 coats of Van d’Go.  While the manicure looks awful because of the bubbling base coat, I love this color combination so I know it will be a staple this spring and summer.

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