Misa “Dirty Sexy Money”

I think this is my 5th polish from my project use my un-used polishes.  I kind of lost count, and to be perfectly honest I have worn more than just the ones I’ve posted but forgot to photograph it.  Anyways, I tried this polish out because my best friend texted me a picture of her manicure (yes, we text eachother pictures of our nails), and it was a green teal creme from sinful colors. I was immediately green with envy (sorry, had to put the pun in here) and I looked in my collection for a polish similar.  And luck would have it that one of the polishes I still had to wear! And I experimented with a little flake top coat so keep reading for more pictures on how this manicure transformed to really make it seem like money.

Misa “Dirty Sexy Money” is a medium toned green teal creme.  It isn’t a true teal because it leans more on the green side.  And I love the name, but wish it was paired with a polish that had even more green in it.  Aside from the tone and color, this polish was really easy to work with.  This is 2 coats and completely opaque.  And of course, I couldn’t just leave it alone and after a while I had to add something else to make this manicure something special and more money like.

I added Essies “Gift of Gold”, which is a gold flake top coat in a clear base.  I really thought I would play with Gift of Gold more when I bought it because I’m so in love with this polish, but its unfortunately taken a back seat.  I’m going to make an effort to pull it out more especially after layering it over Dirty Sexy Money.  Now I feel like this manicure looks more like the name suggests because its definitely sexy and reminds me of money.  Gold and green are always a sexy and rich looking combination and I really love how this combination turned out.

2 thoughts on “Misa “Dirty Sexy Money”

    • canon power shot elph 300 hs … its a regular digital camera but i bought for hd photos and videos especially because the guy at best buy said it was a really good one. but thanks!! thats really sweet

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