Spring Layering Experiment

I am still trying to go through all my un-used polishes.  I picked up OPI “Rumples Wiggins” and painted my nails the other night and immediately regretted it.  Although it was a good polish to work with … opaque in 2 coats but really watery … it just wasn’t my cup of tea.  I don’t know why, but lavender cremes just don’t look good with my skin tone.  I love the color in the bottle but don’t love this polish with my skin tone. Eventually, I am going to wear this polish on its own and I’m determined to love it but at that time I needed to layer something else over it.  So I picked one of my favorite polishes of all time, Sinful Colors “Let Me Go” and did one coat over the lavender.  The result … the coolest Easter egg duochrome ever!

I wish this picture did this manicure justice but it doesn’t capture everything that you can see in real life.  Indoors, where this picture was taken, it looks like mother of pearl.  Outdoors, it is the craziest light duochrome that shines bright teal, light blue, lavender and pink.  Honestly, it jumped off my nails and looked different in every light and was exactly what I needed with this awesome string of warm weather.  You can kind of see the purple on right side of every nail and what looks like white in the picture is more like light blue.  If any of you guys have a Walgreens near you, pick up this polish! Its $1.99 and my 3rd bottle!

2 thoughts on “Spring Layering Experiment

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