China Glaze “Electrify”

I’m so sorry for the iphone picture! I did this manicure and then uploaded this picture to my tumblr last night.  I was all prepared to wear this to the movie today, but as some of you know … opaque glitter is a blessing and a curse.  It is amazingly pretty and I can’t get enough of opaque glitter but it chips so easily.  No matter what top coat you put on, opaque glitter only lasts about a day on me before it starts chipping.  This was no exception.  So I only got this one shot before the whole thing with chip-tastic and I took it off and went for a different manicure.  But what I can  report on for this polish after wearing it for a short time is remarkable.

China Glaze “Electrify” is a densely packed gold and red glitter.  They aren’t exactly that “micro” to consider them micro-glitter, but they are small.  They are medium-small round glitters that seem to be about 60% gold and 40% red.  The result? It looked like my nails were on fire! If you squinted, it looked like an orangy gold color that glistened in every single possible light.  I loved this polish and I tweeted a picture of it and China Glaze Retweeted it! So I had a ton of people asking about the application.  One girl said it reminded her of Gryffindor from Harry Potter (which it totally does!).  The application, 2 coats and it was opaque.  It does chip really easily and another trouble you run into with this polish is that the application is a little messy and the brush gets all goopy from the thick glitter.  I love this polish and it will be awesome in the summer and a really cool accent nail with any red, yellow or orange polish.

7 thoughts on “China Glaze “Electrify”

  1. Wow, that is a lot prettier than I thought it was based on some of the swatches I’ve seen… I may have to cave and get it after all! I totally know what you mean about glitter chipping, though; I’ve had to fix my current mani about four times due to annoying chips all over the place. This is why I normally change my nail color every two or three days 😛

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