OPI Spider Man Collection Preview!

Another OPI Collection Preview! I first heard about this collection a few days ago and literally thought I was living under a rock! I can’t believe I didn’t know there was another OPI collection coming out in May! Even before the Minnie Mouse Collection, which comes out in June.  This collection is centered around the upcoming Spider Man movie, just like OPI’s Pirates of the Caribbean collection last year.  This collection is featuring 6 new shades and a new shatter color, just like last years summer collection! And one of the shades is a dupe for a highly coveted and extremely expensive polish released last year!

When asked to decribe this latest collection, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Executive VP at OPI, says, “the colors in this line capture the movie’s exciting atmosphere, and the new chapter this film covers is both dark and sexy”.  In my opinion, this collection definitely fits that.  When I first saw the promotional pictures, I though that this doesn’t look like a summer collection at all.  But after reading that about how it reflects the movie more than the season, I got excited! I like that these colors seem to fit with the characters and the good and evil from the movie.  You have lights and darks and a shatter to break it all up!


Colors, from top (left to right) then bottom (left to right)

    • Just Spotted the Lizard:   a reptilian-inspired, holographic green
    • Number One Nemesis: a sexy slate
    • Shatter the Scalesa teal shatter which creates a web-like effect when dry
    • Into the Night: an iridescent shade of navy blue
    • Your Web or Mine?:  a flirty shade of bright pink
    • My Boyfriend Scales Walls:  a bright white
    • Call Me Gwen-Ever:  a fiery orange


From the looks of these pictures, Just Spotted the Lizard looks like a dupe for Chanels “Peridot” which was incredibly popular last summer.  It was insanely expensive and sold out so be on the lookout! Theres a good dupe coming up for a fraction of the price!

What do you guys think? Are you excited?

Collection set to come out in May

5 thoughts on “OPI Spider Man Collection Preview!

    • i think it looks cool in the promos but i really hate the shatter polishes so i know i’ll never buy it … theres only one i’ve ever been able to deal with and thats only with like 1 or 2 colors underneath. the trend is over and i wish it was a flakie or something more unique

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