The Look For Less! Dupe Alert!

One of my favorite bloggers, Ms. Vampy Varnish, does posts comparing 2 or 3 polishes that might be considered dupes.  I have always wanted to do posts like that but I purposely avoid getting dupes, because why would you want 2 of the same polishes.  But when I looked in my collection I found a few colors that might be close enough for some of you to consider the cheaper or not limited edition alternative! I’m going to call this little series The Look For Less!  And the first post in this series is in my opinion a DEFINITE DUPE! Can you figure out which polish cost $1.99 and which costs $9.50?

The 2 polishes I compared were Sephora by OPI “I’m With Brad” and Sinful Colors “Rich in Heart“.  Interesting story goes with these polishes.  (Skip to the next picture if you don’t want to know something personal about me)  I stopped biting my nails a few years ago, and if anyone is interested I can write a post about how I finally quit.  When I first quit, I only wore clear coats until I finally purchased my first finger nail polish color.  I had owned polish for my toes, but only a few shades and none of them I wanted to wear on my fingers.  So I purchased a sheer pink/white shimmer from Sinful Colors.  I wore the hell out of that bottle and the second polish I ever purchased was Rich in Heart! I wore the crap out of this color too and became my signature color for about 6 months.

Fast forward about 2 years and one of my best friends started dating her now husband.  His name is Brad and when they got engaged she was looking for her wedding nail polish color.  I found “I’m With Brad” with her, and so I bought this polish because I loved the color and thought it was cute and funny if she wore it for her wedding.  Plus if she wanted to wear it for her wedding she could borrow my bottle and that could be her something borrowed.  Anyways, long story on both polishes! Sorry! But I realized very quickly that these colors look very very similar.

Can you tell the difference between the 2 polishes? Based on the swatches below, which 2 fingers have Rich In Heart and which 2 nails have I’m With Brad?

Can you figure it out??? Because to me, these two polishes look exactly the same! I’m willing to call these dupes because to the naked eye, you can’t tell a difference.

Application: Both polishes are 2 coats.  Either of these have a top coat.

Look and Formula: Both are brown based polishes that have a red shimmer.  They are  brown/burgundy color which a subtle red shimmer which shows the most in the sunlight.  Indoors, they look like a dark brown or even a black.  In the sunlight they are the best vampy dark brown with a red shimmer.

Ready for the answer? The index and the ring fingers have Rich In Heart and the middle finger and pinky have I’m With Brad.  So it goes, left to right, Rich In Heart, I’m With Brad, Rich In Heart, I’m With Brad.

To me, these are dupes and one was a fraction of the price of the other.  They have the same finish, same formula and same application.  The brush from sinful colors is a little bit easier to work with in my opinion.  If I could go back, I wouldn’t get I’m With Brad, but its a nice addition to my collection.  If you were thinking about getting the Sephora by OPI color, you can save yourself almost 8 dollars and pick up the sinful colors.

5 thoughts on “The Look For Less! Dupe Alert!

  1. wow I can’t tell the difference and I’ve got “I’m with brad” in my collection too! major price difference! wish we got sinful colours in canada – love the ones you sent me! The formula is just as good at OPI i’ve noticed. Awesome post!!!

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