Your Royal Shine-ness Gets Some Rainbow!

I have been way into layering nail polish lately.  I think its because I’m not letting myself buy anything new so I’m looking for ways to change all my old colors.  Then I was watching one of my favorite YouTuber’s do a Llarowe nail polish haul.  If you haven’t heard of Llarowe, it is basically an online e-tailer that you can purchase hard to find imported nail polish.  They have polish for Australia, England, Brazil and other places.  Plus, all of the polishes on that site are holographic or duochrome or some sort of finish that is rare for the big brands to release.  So one of my favorite YouTuber is showing all these linear holographic polishes and Ozotic polishes that are mutlichrome holographics (did you know that existed??) and I wanted so bad to go waste money.  But I resisted and thought I would give my holographics another try.  For some reason, I wasn’t as in love with my 2 glitter gal nail polishes as I thought I would be and I thought it was because my light green didn’t pop as much off my nails.  So I decided to take one of my brightest metallic polishes and see how my holographic would look over top.

OPI “Your Royal Shine-ness” has gotten a lot of love on this blog.  I am not the biggest fan of metallic foil finishes but that polish is probably one of my favorite polishes for glitter layering of all time.  It looks like tin foil on your nails and then when you put a glitter over top it turns into a mirror disco ball on your nails.  So needless to say, that polish has gotten a lot of love.  So I started with 2 coats of that polish and busted out my Glitter Gal “Light Green”.  Light Green is exactly what the name suggests, a light sea foam green that has an intense linear halo.  What I don’t like about this polish is that it is so sheer and so light that it almost blends into my skin and only in the sunlight do I notice that I have a rainbow on my nails.  But 1 coat layered over a silver foil made it jump off my nails and turned it into what I had hoped it would be before I bought it.  Its like a liquid silver rainbow that shines every color of the spectrum.  I’m glad I finally found a way to love this coveted and really expensive polish so it wouldn’t just gather dust.

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