I haven’t Frankened a polish in about a year! I can’t believe it has been that long! I was really into frankening polish last spring and made a ton of god awful creations.  I would mix my polishes together and then get upset because I wasted so much of a good polish.  I also tried frankening with clear polish and mixing in different types of loose glitter and makeup pigments.  But in the end, I couldn’t come up with anything that looked as good as the frankens I would see on other websites.  But I was sitting at home the other day, looking around on etsy, when I found a polish that the girl named “Jawbreaker” and I was in love! (keep reading for the polishes used to make this!)

Here polish seriously looked like a jawbreaker candy and I thought to myself, “I can totally make that!” So I busted out a white polish and a ton of glitter and got to mixing.  The result? I’m not totally thrilled with the texture of the polish but its a cool look! I love how the polish looks but wish it didn’t appear to rough and bumpy.  Maybe if I play with it more I can make it turn out smoother but here’s a list of the polish I mixed to make this franken!


–  and white polish (I used wet ‘n wild “white” but there are a ton of white polishes out there) … half the bottle

– clear polish … 1/4 of the bottle

– pink glitter (I used finger paints “hue left a message?” but there are so many pink glitters!) … 1/16 of the bottle

– blue glitter (I used opi “gone gonzo” but there are a ton of blue glitters) … 1/16 of the bottle

– confetti glitter (I used deborah lippmann “happy birthday” but thats so expensive so I would suggest wet ‘n wild, milani or icing they all have polishes that are similar) … 1/16 of the bottle

– opalescent glitter (I used china glaze “snow globe” but any clear glitter will work) … 1/16 of the bottle


Basically I took a clear coat bottle which had 1/4 left.  Filled the bottle to 3/4 (roughly poured in 1/2 of the empty bottle) with the white.  Then poured in equal parts of the 4 different glitters until the bottle was full.  Shook it up and applied!

Hopefully this was helpful! Have any of you guys tried Frankening polish??? If so, how did it turn out?




2 thoughts on “FrankenPolish!

    • thanks!! its so much fun trying it out but at the same time i always get slightly depressed after because it uses up nail polish! theres always a visible dip in the level of polish in the bottle but totally worth it

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