The Look For Less!

I owe you guys a huge apology! I just came back from New York City and haven’t blogged in almost a week! That is crazy for me because I made a New Years resolution to blog every day and I haven’t blogged in 5 or 6 days! So be prepared for a bombardment of nail polish posts and a few makeup posts! I explored a store in New York City of a certain makeup brand that I know is hugely popular and picked up some goodies! So look forward to a swatch post on that.  But for right now, I have another addition of The Look For Less! The last one I did seemed to go over pretty well so I scoured my collection and found 2 polishes that were wildly popular last year and seemed really similar.

It seemed like last spring the light blue grey colors were everywhere! And I was just as obsessed as the next person so I ended up with a few in my collection.  To the naked eye in the bottle, I thought they were the same polish.

China Glaze “Sea Spray” came out in China Glaze’s Anchors Away Collection last spring.  I didn’t pick up too many colors from that collection but I knew I had to have this one.  Butter London “Lady Muck” I purchased after Sea Spray when I first discovered Butter London.  When I first saw that Ulta started carrying Butter London I think I bought a third of the entire line because I was so impressed with the formula.  Lady Muck happened to be one of the colors I purchased in my Butter London craze and I quickly realized that I had a color that was really similar.  But can you guys tell the difference on my nails?

(index and ring fingers: china glaze, middle and pinky fingers: butter london)

2 coats of each.  On the nails, these two polishes don’t look anything alike.  The China Glaze has a pearl sheen that is really apparent in the bottle but barely there on the nail.  You have to be staring intensely to see it and even in this macro picture you can’t really see it.  The Butter London’s pearl sheen is very noticeable.  It is almost a silver micro-shimmer.  The Butter London also is a shade darker and is more grey, while the China Glaze appears more on the blue side.  The China Glaze dries a lot glossier while the Butter London dries a little flatter.

Overall, I like them both but I prefer the Butter London.  Its more unique and the silver micro-shimmer shows up a lot more than the China Glaze.  Also, in my opinion, you can’t beat the Butter London formula.  The China Glaze is a great light grey blue and has almost a pastel quality.  But they are both great polishes and if you’re looking for a light blue grey color, these are both great options.  Dupes, not even close! But unless you’re a collector (which I know a lot of you are!) you don’t need both to pull off that blue grey rainy sky look!

China Glaze: $4-6 depending on where you purchase

Butter London: $14

3 thoughts on “The Look For Less!

  1. Interesting post! I love Butter London as well so I’d probably choose them if I didn’t already have Sea Spray! I love that type of grey though, really pretty. How much is Butter London in the States by the way?

    • omg i didn’t even realize that i forgot to mention the prices lol i definitely spaced! butter london is $14 and china glaze is $4-6 depending on where you get it. thanks for asking i never would have realized i didn’t put the prices up

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