Van D’Go is a Teenage Dream

Sorry for the awful picture guys.  I normally like to have pictures in the natural sunlight but this week was pretty much awful for me.  For any of you thinking about law school, here’s a little sneak peek.  You’re entire grade is based on either 1 test (the final) or 1 paper.  100% of your grade is based on either a 4 hour test with 1 or 2 essay questions or a 30 page paper.  My exams are in a few weeks but my 30 page paper was due yesterday.  So all week, my brain has been fried writing this crazy paper.  I worked on it for about 10 hours a day and then had to go to class on top of it.  I didn’t really see sunlight for a week.  So I didn’t have time to change my manicure and when I did I was so anxious to take this off that I quickly snapped a picture at night rather than waiting an extra day to get the sunlight.  So this was the manicure I wore all week! This is after day 4!

Essie “Van D’Go” has been a favorite color for me this spring. Its a light peachy pink creme finish and seriously one of the prettiest and most girly colors I own.  It would look great with a tan! But like a lot of older Essie cremes its not the easiest to work with.  This is 2 coats and I can still see some patchy areas.  Then I wanted a little pop of glitter so I picked one that I haven’t worn in over a year, but was obsessed with last winter.  OPI “Teenage Dream” came out in the Katy Perry collection, and I think it was one of the most coveted colors last winter.  My bottle is literally half way gone and I thought it would look great over Van D’Go.  Sadly, I hated it this combo! I thought Teenage dream would be sheer enough to layer but I think it has almost too much pigmentation because I couldn’t get an even application.  As you can see from the swatch, the tip of my finger has almost no glitter, same with the bottom near the cuticle but the center and one side of my nail looked like I wanted it to.  I have layered it over other colors and it looked fine but this combination just looked awful in my opinion.

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