My Inglot Freedom System Palette!

I know I’m on a project pan, but when I first started this project I made some exceptions.  There was about 3 or 4 exceptions, and one of them was shopping on my trip to New York City.  I recently was in NYC for a few days and had a shopping list about a mile long of everything I wanted.  There are so many products that aren’t available to me unless I order online, and being a blogger I have heard countless glowing reviews about how great Inglot is.  So naturally, Inglot was at the top of my list.  I went to the Inglot store in Times Square and created my own palette using the freedom system.  The freedom system allows you to create a palette with any product they have, so you can make a palette that is concealer, powder, blush and eye shadow all in one.  I was shocked about how low priced the products were! But be warned, creating a palette can get pricey before you know it.

I had enough products to create about 3 palettes, but I ended up restraining myself and picked up an eyeshadow quad and 2 blushes.  The best part about the freedom system is that the quad I created and the 2 blushes all fit in the same palette!

I purposely created an eye shadow quad for my every day eye look! That is one thing about palettes that I don’t like.  I hate that I buy a palette and end up only using 3 or 4 colors.  The beauty of the freedom system is that every color I pick is one I want! And one that I know I will use.  I chose 2 matte shades and 2 pearl finishes.  I purposely wanted warmer tone neutrals, taupe’s with more purple and a cranberry shade to play up my green eyes.

From left to right: 393, 342, 326, 452

The blushes I purchased were two shades that I have wanted for a long time.  Both are matte finish blushes and one is a purple toned mauve and the other is a bright light pink.  The 2 blushes aren’t showing up as vibrant as they are in real life, but I swear they are very rich and pigmented.

From left to right: 20, 55

These products are so creamy and soft! Its almost unreal just how soft they are, you barely have to touch one of them and you get so much color payoff.  I am so impressed with Inglot shadows and blushes.  Although the total palette ended up getting rather pricey, the price per shadow and blush is so well priced for what you get.  If you have a Z palette then you can save a lot of money and make your own huge Inglot palette.  But if you ever come across an Inglot store, you have to stop in and I promised you will be just as blown away with the quality of their products as I was.

Grade: A

Prices: $5 per eyeshadow, $10 per blush and $14 for the palette.  So if you have a Z palette you can save $14!

2 thoughts on “My Inglot Freedom System Palette!

  1. I have heard such good things of Inglot – lovely palette! and sooooo true it’s always better to have a custom made palette. beautiful colours! They look like they are amazing quality too! gotta look into Inglot for sure 🙂

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