Another Project Use my Un-Used polish down!

I normally would put the color in the title of the post, but I don’t know the name of this color.  I got this color in a set of 7 reds and pinks and they were the first color club polishes I have ever tried.   My mom actually bought the set for me for Christmas so I was beyond thrilled to get to try a brand I had never tried before.  I have since seen a few collections of color club at my local Sally’s but only have a few shades.  But these polishes came with no names on them, and not on the box either.  Someone on commented on a video I posted on Youtube and said that the names should have been on the box, but the names weren’t anywhere to be found.  I did a 5 minute internet search to try to find the names of the polishes, but gave up quickly.

Honestly, while I love the gift my mom gave me, I have so many reds that a lot of them were dupes.  There are two or three colors in particular that I was in love with and will definitely be keeping them, this one is so duped its insane.  Its a true cherry pinup red that I like, but don’t love it.  I have a few colors in my collection that are literally exactly the same! Essies “Appertif” and OPI “Vodka and Cavier” are literally exactly the same.  So this one is going in my giveaway pile.  But on the positive side, this was 2 coats and was extremely easy to work with.  Down side, this stained my nails worse than any other nail polish I own.  And if you follow my blog, then you know that I always pair red with black so I had to add Sephora By OPI “Whats A Tire Jack”.

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