Water Color Nails!!

I first saw this technique on a nail blog, and I wish I could remember which one so I can give them credit.  This is called Water Color Nails! Basically, it works by using Acetone to melt nail polish colors together and sheering them out.  I made a video of me doing it so you can understand it better, because I know I couldn’t explain it written.  But keep reading there are more pictures below!

What you need:

Acetone: you can use any nail polish remover you have, you don’t have to run out and get a bottle of acetone if you don’t have it.  But, I’ve never tried this with regular nail polish so I can’t report on how it would work.  I would not suggest trying this with non-acetone nail polish remover unless it is the best nail polish remover in the world and removes nail polish with one swipe of a cotton ball.  The stronger the remover, the faster it removes your polish, the better!

Brush:  I used an old eye shadow brush that I never use but you can also use a regular paint brush.  If you don’t have either, you can try using a q-tip or dig through your makeup and take out a brush you don’t use from a palette.  I’ve never tried a q-tip so I cant tell you if that would work.

Nail Polish: this is an obvious one but I had to throw it in there.  I think it works best over white, but you can use any light pastel you want as your base color.  Then you need the colors you want to melt over top.  I used 3 and it turned out exactly how I wanted, but the colors are up to you.  Also, goes without saying, a base coat and top coat.

Products I used:

– Wet ‘n Wild white polish.  I don’t know the name, I think it was a number, but it worked just fine.  2 coats and it was opaque.

– Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat.  I put a layer of top coat over the white.  That is important, because it helped the acetone not eat through the white while I was melting the other colors!  I think it will work without, but I suggest applying a top coat over your base color.

– China Glaze “Peachy Keen”

– Julep “Helena”

– China Glaze “Secret Periwinkle”

– 100% acetone from sally’s

Hopefully the video is helpful and if you have any questions, you can always ask them in the comments.  Hope this gives some people some spring manicure inspiration!

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