April Julep Maven’s Box

As you can see, my Julep Maven Box looks a little different this month.  Julep in the month of April allowed you to “Add On” additional colors of your choice for an additional price.  While my feelings about the extra’s haven’t changed in the last few months, I was very impressed with the colors.  Keep reading for swatches of all the polishes!

My extra’s this month were toe separators and little chocolate eggs for Easter.  The chocolate eggs were a nice touch, and I’m glad that they weren’t the only extra this month (cough cough, February’s box, cough cough).  But the toe separators? I guess someone might like them, and if you do I don’t mean any offense, but its like getting the emery board last month.  These probably cost about 25 cents, they are cheap and I never use them.  I have never used toe separators because I don’t need to.  Not everyones anatomy calls for these so the fact that the are so cheap and my extra were a little disappointing.  I’m still waiting for extra’s like a glass nail file or a cuticle oil or more of that nail polish remover.  (By the way, I didn’t blog about this, but I used the nail polish remover pad they sent in my January box and loved it!)

The colors, while I love the actual colors the formulas on all but one were awful!  The shades are exactly the type of colors I want and love to wear for spring.  And surprisingly I fell in love with two of them and I have a feeling these will be very well used in the spring and summer.  But the formulas were god awful, either super thick or super watery and sheer.  Like I mentioned above, I had the option to add colors to my box for an additional price.  I chose 2 colors for an additional $5 each.  Little expensive, but one polish was worth that and more.

One weird thing I noticed was that 2 of the 5 polishes were plastic wrapped.  I have never had a plastic wrapped Julep polish where I had to break the seal.  And why only 2 of the 5? Doesn’t seem necessary, but oh well, thought I would mention it.

The 3 original colors that I got in my box were Niecy, Penelope, and Jessica:


This is a bright hot corally pink.  It doesn’t show up as bright in the picture, but in real life, this polish is pretty bright.  I have it on my toes and while it looks like a hot pink, it has a slight coral tint to it.  But so slight that I wouldn’t call it a coral.  Its a really pretty polish but it was really sheer.  This is 3 coats and half of me wanted to put on a 4th, because in certain areas it isn’t completely opaque.  It was really watery too.  But its so super shiny! I think its meant to be a creme finish, but to me it looks more like a jelly finish.  Its really pretty and I love it on my toes but I didn’t like the opacity.


Again, horrible formula! Penelope falls into the classic category of baby pinks that are too sheer and too watery.  This is 3 coats and it definitely needs a 4th, but at that moment I decided to just take the picture and take it off.  I have other baby pinks that are opaque in 2 coats so trying to make this work was not something I wanted to do.  While its really shiny and pretty, its too sheer and insanely watery for my taste.  I know a lot of people like the sheer pink look and think its really classy, but I’m not a fan.


I love this color but again, horrible formula! I absolutely love this color and feel like this has quickly climbed to the top of my baby blues.  But the formula was god awful! This is 1 coat, which is awesome and such a great change from the sheerness of the other polishes.  But it was like applying tar to my nails.  I’ve never had such a thick, tacky and goopy new polish.  It was so hard to apply, I had the hardest time getting it even and that is obvious around the cuticles.  I’m going to have to thin this polish out because the color is too pretty to not use it.

And now for the 2 “Add On” colors are Renee and Susie:


I don’t know why I chose this color because I’m not the biggest fan of lavender against my skin tone.  I love the color lavender but for some reason I don’t think it looks good on me personally.  I feel the same way about the color orange, love it but it doesn’t look good on me.  This formula was also god awful! This is 1 coat and was just as bad as Jessica.  It was like applying tar to my nails and I couldn’t get an even application.  Since the color looked awful on me and it was a nightmare formula, I’ll probably not be wearing this again.


I’m in love with this color!!! I can’t put enough exclamation points to say how much I love this! This formula was fantastic and the color is amazing.  It is the lightest mint green I’ve ever seen, it almost looks white.  It has the slightest hint of green and looks absolutely amazing and would look even better with a tan.  This is 2 coats and was perfect to apply.

Out of all the colors I got, Susie was the only one that was good to work with.  Susie and Jessica were my favorites, but I need to majorly thin out Jessica before I use it again.  I want to through away Renee and I’ll probably use Penelope for frankening since its so sheer and I have better baby pinks.  But overall, I liked the pastels and Susie alone was worth it for the whole month.

13 thoughts on “April Julep Maven’s Box

    • julep seems to be a hit or miss. sometimes you get these colors that are opaque in one coat and perfect in every way. and then other times it takes about 10 coats to get one manicure, and because they are one of the smallest bottles of nail polish i’ve ever owned, i use them up fast.

    • maybe thats why. it was a little different, and i noticed that my brushes were different too! i took a picture to write about it and then didn’t end up putting it in there. but my pink one had an OPI style brush and every other polish had the julep brush. did that happen to you too?

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