Wet ‘n Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder

I’m almost out of my powder so I went to Walgreen’s and looked around for a new powder.  I go through powder like crazy, probably one every 3 months, so I have tried a lot of different powders.  So I was going through all the powders and decided to go back to a good but cheap powder.  I first tried Wet ‘n Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder last year and really liked it, so for $2.99 I felt like it would be a great one to wear next.

Wet ‘n Wild has a few powders but I’ve only ever tried this one because the whole “natural” thing really draws me into this product.  I don’t think its completely natural, but I have a weird mental process that when I see the word “natural” I automatically think its better.  While I know that isn’t always true, that is why I tried this in the first place.

The packaging is made of while cardboard with a magnetic enclosure.  The packaging isn’t great because it isn’t sturdy enough to protect the product.  I experienced this last time when I traveled with this powder, the cardboard isn’t thick enough or hard enough to keep the powder from breaking.  Also, the sponge that it comes with is almost like Styrofoam.  It’s scratchy and way to small to do anything with.  Overall, the packaging sucks but the powder is actually really great.

This powder is so creamy and soft.  This is seriously just one swipe.  Also, its insanely pigmented.  So one of the reasons I picked up this powder because I’m getting into the warmer weather and I’m starting to wear BB creams and tinted moisturizers rather than foundation.  So having a fuller coverage powder over a very lighter coverage face product gives me that perfect mix of an even complexion but able to cover more throughout the day if I want to.

Down side, since it is so creamy and soft, I go through this fast.  I think the last time I had this powder I went through it in a month and a half, when I normally go through one in 3 months.  But for $2.99, I can deal with purchasing this more often.  Also, this isn’t the best wearing powder either.  I normally have to touch up after a few hours in my t-zone.  But that is normal for me.  I have never found a powder that lasts more than 4 hours.  So if any of you guys know of a long lasting powder, please tell me!  Overall, I love this for the price, texture, and coverage.  I hate the packaging and how fast I use this.

Grade: B

Price: $2.99

4 thoughts on “Wet ‘n Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder

  1. What shade do you have this in? I have light skin (probably a bit lighter than yours) with pink undertones, and am trying to figure out which shade would match me.

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