Susie is Ray-Dient!

I majorly broke 2 nails a few days ago.  I broke my right thumb, which luckily isn’t my swatching hand, but I did kill my pinky nail.  I know a lot of people will file all their nails down when they have a broken nail so there is uniformity but I can’t bring myself to file mine down.  Although 2 of my nails are majorly itty-bitty, I’m not willing to have all 10 be that short.  But I wanted to try out the other China Glaze Prismatic Collection color I picked up, and I have to say I’m a lot more impressed with this one than Optical Illusion.  China Glaze “Ray-Dient” is a light green, almost silver glitter with the same multicolored chunky glitters.  This was the color that I really really wanted, and I think I was the only person who really wanted this shade because there were about 10 left on the shelves and the rest were sold out except for 1 last Optical Illusion.  While this one is a lot lighter, it is opaque in 2 coats and the duochrome comes out a little stronger in this one.

I tried to capture the duochrome and it was really hard.  The duochrome on these are so subtle, but if you compare the 2 pictures, especially on index fingers, the top picture shows more gold and light green and the bottom shows a darker green.  That is how it is in real life.  When I look at my thumb I can see a big change with the natural curve of my nail.  And then on my middle and ring fingers I couldn’t resist using Julep “Susie” again.  I really think this color is my new favorite mint green and maybe my signature spring color because I’ve worn it for about 8 or 9 days out of the month of April.  Plus, I love the non-traditional accent nail.  You may be seeing more of this type of manicure from me!

One thought on “Susie is Ray-Dient!

  1. I got Ray-Dient but haven’t used it yet. None of the colors in the collection really won me over and when I went to Sally’s the only had two colors left. I thought Ray-Dient was the prettier of the two so I grabbed it. Glad I did because it does look really pretty. I am really loving Susie!!

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