Nina is A-Positive

One thing about blogging is that you see a ton of Indie brand nail polish.  I love the “American Dream” idea where nail polish junkies (like myself) can create a business for themselves by mixing their own nail polish.  A lot of Indie brands come up with some of the most unique creations, but most of the time they seem like glitter explosions.  While I love glitter, and y’all know I do, sometimes some of the Indy brands are too much.  But I still stalk Etsy all the time to find the next greatest homemade nail polish brand.  The brand that got me into Indie nail polish is Hare.  I’ve featured swatches of Hare polish on here before, and if you want to see what this polish looks like on its own just go here.  Hare polish is made by a girl who I followed on Tumblr for ever and she has since taken a little break but still has some of the best home made nail polish, all jelly finish with very chunky glitter but very Deborah Lippmann-esque.

Hare Polish “A-Positive” is a magenta jelly polish with huge pieces of of silver hexagonal glitter.  But since the silver is suspended in magenta jelly, the magenta stays on the silver and turns it into a magenta chunky glitter! While I did have to work on placement of the glitter pieces, this is one coat over 2 coats of a darker color.  The glitter is dense and thanks to the jelly finish, it isn’t rough or sharp at all.  I really really love how this looks, but this polish is so pigmented it would be layer it over anything besides a really dark color.  Its opaque in 2 or 3 coats on its own, but it really looks vampy over a dark.  And since I just placed my Zoya Earth Day order, I had Zoya on the mind so I have 2 coats of Zoya “Nina” underneath.  Nina is a super dark chocolate brown, and one of my favorite browns in my collection. In the dark it looks like black but in the sunlight it seriously looks like the creamiest milk chocolate you’ve ever seen.

3 thoughts on “Nina is A-Positive

  1. That looks beautiful! I have recently discovered dollish polish on etsy and I managed to buy a couple bottles. I can’t wait to try out my first Indy polish!

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