Mermaids Tears and a Hidden Treasure

Funny story with Sally Hansen “Hidden Treasure”.  I found Hidden Treasure at my Walgreen’s a few years ago right when it came out and picked it up because I thought it looked pretty.  I wasn’t obsessed with nail blogs like I am now.  I didn’t look up swatches or follow the collections.  I had no idea how far my obsession could grow! All I knew is that I always picked up a bottle of nail polish at my Walgreen’s whenever I was there of Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen or Wet ‘n Wild.  So when I saw Hidden Treasure, I thought it was really pretty and unique and grabbed it.  For a full year, I only wore it over light pinks because I had no idea how much it could shine over any other color.  Then I got into nail polish blogs and realized that this is one of the most coveted polishes, or at least it was before every nail polish company released a flakie polish. Now there are a million and 2 flakie polishes and some are supposedly better than Hidden Treasure.  Hidden Treasure still has a weird cult status because of the limited availability, and lucky for me, I found bought 2 bottles when I had no idea how much this polish was drooled over.

So I bust it out every now and again trying to find a new color combination.  I went through a huge phase of wearing this over light colors when I first bought this, and then went through a big phase of wearing it over black or navy.  Now I want to see how it works with medium tone colors.  So I picked a great medium toned sea green that came out last May, OPI “Mermaids Tears”.  I originally passed on a lot of the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection, but this color I bought immediately.  I love green polishes and this was the first I had that was a medium toned, muted green.  This polish deserves a lot more attention that it gives.  Opaque in 2 coats and a great creme finish polish.  While this wasn’t my favorite of that collection, its a great addition to have and after wearing it for a few days, I have a feeling it will make a reappearance on my fingers.

I realize this post is becoming a lot longer than most of my nail of the day posts, so hopefully y’all don’t mind.  But I realized what I loved most about this manicure.  This manicure looks like the late 80s early 90s decor colors! It makes me think Christmas Vacation, the next door neighbors of the Griswold’s, who had the house with all the decked out furniture and fixings that were so popular of that era.  And the furniture was all the medium toned sea foam green, with splashes of light orange coral and light pink.  Maybe its just me that makes that collection, but I have vivid memories of people using wallpaper those colors as well as furniture and wall decorations.  Brings me back to my very early youth of big hair and weird color combinations.

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