The Look For Less!

I have done this type of post a few times already and this post is actually one that I was the most excited to write.  I never realized when I purchased both of these that they are really similar, until I was looking for a color to wear the other day.  I picked up Butter London “Rosie Lee” because I don’t think I’ve ever worn a full manicure of Rosie Lee.  Then I was looking at the bottle and thought this is really similar to one of my all time favorite pink polishes, Finger Paints “Hue Left A Message?“. So I had to swatch them side by side to see if they really are that similar, or if they only look similar in the bottle.

From looking at the two bottles side by side in the picture, there is an obvious color difference.  Rosie Lee is a lot more rosy pink while Hue Left a Message is much more dusty rose type color.  Hue Left a Message is much more muted and not as bright.  Other differences is that the Finger Paints polish is .5 fl oz while the Butter London is .4 fl oz.  And the price  is also different too, $3.99 for the Finger Paints and $14 for the Butter London.

Aside from the many differences in these two polishes, the formulas are practically identical.

Index and Ring Fingers, Finger Paints, Middle and Pinky, Butter London.

The formulas are practically identical.  Each finger is 2 coats, no top coat in this picture, and has a pink jelly formula with really fine pink micro-glitter.  The only difference is the colors, everything else is identical.  And the imperfection on my ring finger was my fault, I bumped it on the bottle. Also, neither of these were a pain in the ass to remove, like other glitters can be.

Overall, I love both colors, but I will admit that this is my second bottle of the Finger Paints.  It is a very subdued opaque glitter, almost a little muted, and dries a little more matte than the Butter London.  And I find that I can wear it to work or in a more professional setting and it isn’t a loud or in your face glitter.  I love the Butter London too, it is the perfect opaque pink glitter.  It has a great tone, I love the fact that it is a little more vibrant and glittery and doesn’t dry to a matte finish.  Can I chose one? Maybe the Finger Paints because its cheaper and a top coat will fix its dull finish, but its very close!

Finger Paints: Available at Sallys and online for $2.99-$4.99

Butter London: Available at Ulta and online for $14

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