Neutrogena Naturals Cleanser and Makeup Remover Review

One thing about makeup that I hate is the removal process.  I have used a number of different makeup removing cloths and liquid makeup removers.  I have spent a ton of money of a multitude of products to get all the crap off my face.  I thought I had finally perfected my routine when I would use a liquid eye makeup remover for my eye makeup and then a makeup removing cloth for my entire face.  And then my face would feel tight and sting so I would immediately have to wash my face with my night time cleanser.  3 products at the end of the day to remove all the hard work I did earlier.  So a lot of the time, I would be really lazy and skip the makeup removers and just watch my face.  That would remove a lot of my makeup but would also end up staining my towels with mascara that didn’t come off all the way.  Yes, I had problems.  But then I heard about this Cleanser from Neutrogena and decided to check it out.  I found the regular cleanser and then right next to it was the Neutrogena Naturals Cleanser and Makeup Remover in one.  Needless to say, I snatched that thing, and am now on my second bottle.

This product claims to completely remove your makeup while it cleanses your skin.  I used an entire bottle and have since bought another one so I feel like I can give an honest review. So how it works is that I would just use it as a regular cleanser.  I would use one pump and one pump only for my entire face.  I have tried using two pumps and it was a waste of product.  The only time I found that I needed two pumps was when I went out to a club and had the crazy club makeup on (basically drag queen makeup).  Wash your face like you normally would, but I used this to take my eye makeup off too.  So I would use this as a normal cleanser but then I would rub it over my eyes as well.  And believe it or not, it doesn’t sting at all! I was able to rub it over my eyes and open my eyes over and over again to make sure that the makeup was starting to break up.  Then I would wash the cleanser off, dry my face, and my face was 100% free of all makeup.

What I Love:

This product really does what it says that its going to do.  It cleanses and removes all my makeup.  It removes more makeup than my makeup removing cloths.  I love the smell, it smells just like green apples, or the artificial green apple smell from jolly ranchers.  I love that this doesn’t sting my eyes and it actually removes all my eye makeup.  I love that my skin actually does feel cleansed, and I haven’t had a problem with my skin after using this.  I love that it gets off all my water proof eye liners without a problem whatsoever, including the water proof liners that I put in my water line.

What I Don’t Love:

This product does leave my skin a little dry.  I guess this is something I love but it really does feel like a layer of my skin is getting stripped off.  Not in a “my skin is burning off a layer” way, but it feels like it is really just getting every single little bit of dirty, oil and residue off my skin.  Which leaves my skin feeling tight and dry afterwards.  Not uncomfortably tight or dry but enough that sometimes I feel like I need to put a moisturizer on right afterwards.  But I really like feeling like my skin is 100% clean, so I don’t mind at all about feeling dry.  Plus I don’t like how much product I’m getting for the money.  This is a slightly smaller container, and even though I am using one pump, I feel like I’m going through this really fast. Also, I have yet to try this with water proof mascara, so that will be the big test of how well this product really works.

Overall, I’m in love.  This is since replaced my liquid eye makeup remover, my makeup removing cloths and my night time cleanser.  3 products replaced with 1.  This is one of those products that I will continue to buy as long as they continue to make it.  It really does remove all my makeup without making my eyes or face sting .

Grade: A

Price: $7.99 at drugstores and ulta.

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