Zoya Share The Love Program

This is just going to be a short little post, no pictures, to let you guys know about my experiences so far with the Share The Love Program from Zoya.  I put my referral link on my blog because I had read about the incentives, read the FAQ on the website, and looked at other blogs to see what they were saying about this program.  Everything seemed very legit and I didn’t do it to get free products.  I legitimately did it to let other people get free polish and to maybe partake in the Earth Day promotion, which is my favorite promotion for nail polish all year.  Now I accumulated enough points to get a few free polishes, not all through this blog, and went on the website last night to go shopping.  I found a few polishes that I was really interested in and went to check out.  Here’s where things went south.

I assumed that you could use multiple codes for multiple orders, like if I have 2 free polishes due to my points, I could use the codes and get both of my polishes for free and pay for shipping.  I assumed that if I’m going to be buying a few polishes, wouldn’t a company want to save on shipping materials? No, you can only use one code per order.  So if you have 4 free polishes available to you, you have to place 4 separate orders and pay for shipping separately. Shipping is $7 and the polishes full price are $8, so you are only saving $1. That kind of confused me and I thought I was doing something wrong, so I contacted Zoya and asked about it and they said that with Share the Love, you only get one code per order and you can’t combine orders.  So if you get a code for a free polish, you have to pay shipping that is almost the same price as the polish if you went to your local salon.  And you have to place every Share the Love order separately, so theres no way to get your nail polishes together or not have a ton of transactions on your credit card.

Another thing I noticed is that they are claiming that you get a free nail polish for every person you refer.  Not the case.  You get 100 points for every person you refer, and you need 200 for a free polish.  While I don’t understand how April is different, if in April you get 200 points per person, or if it is the standard 100, I was a little surprised about that.  I know its easy to gain points from other places, like if you tweet something you can get points, I was a little confused about how the points work.

This post is not meant to bash Zoya, they are still my favorite customer service of any nail polish company, and that is why I continue to buy from them.  I will always continue to buy from them, and I will be getting my free polishes.  I’m probably going to order them tonight, but I did want to write this because a lot of you may be thinking (like I was) that this was a really good deal and you would be able to pick up some amazing polishes for cheap.  I just want y’all to be aware, if you’re sharing your link, that there is no way to save money with this program.

4 thoughts on “Zoya Share The Love Program

  1. That’s so annoying you can’t combine them…I’ve been really confused by the whole program but haven’t used my points yet.

    • yeah i was kind of annoyed at that because whats the point of a free polish if you have to pay almost the same amount in shipping. oh well, i guess it may have been too good to be true from how it sounded

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