Essie “A Cut Above”

Have I ever mentioned how much I love chunky glitters? If you scroll through my blog without reading a word you might guess that I love chunky glitters.  I never have to say that I love chunky glitters because I wear them almost every day and if not every day its at least once or twice a week. But my love affair with chunky glitters started with Sephora by OPI “Only Gold For Me” a few years ago.  I would put 3 coats over a gold and make it look like a minx manicure and get crazy compliments.  While I have since branched out and use chunky glitters in a multitude of ways, that is still my favorite way to wear a chunky glitter, layered on like crazy so it looks like molten metal on your fingers.  So when I saw that Essie came out with a pink chunky glitter that is the same as the Sephora, I had to get my hands on it.  I don’t know why it took me so long, but I finally found it and I think it has since replaced my Sephora glitters as much favorite!

Essie “A Cut Above” is a rose toned chunky pink glitter.  The best part of this polish is that its so densely packed! This is one coat! I seriously couldn’t believe that each coat had so much glitter because I had been using the Sephora that takes at least 2 but most of the time 3 to look the same.  And since it was only one coat, the dry time wasn’t as long as other chunky polishes.  And I had to have a polish underneath it so I picked a rose gold polish for the molten metal, tin foil look, and used Orly “Rage”. This is 2 coats of Rage with 1 coat A Cut Above and it lasted me for a few days before I took it off.  Overall, I’m so happy I got this and I want to pick up the other glitter, “Set In Stones” to replace my Sephora by OPI “Flurry Up” because its cheaper and more densely packed.

10 thoughts on “Essie “A Cut Above”

  1. I have been trying to find this everywhere! I have the four other LuxeEffects colors, but not this one! Set in Stones is AMAZING! I love it so much and I always get compliments whenever I have it on.

  2. GORGEOUS!!! That mani would love so hot on summer night!!! girl I am definitely gonna grab these two polishes when my ban is over! LOVE IT!!! wish i could 10 star it! beautiful combo and it looks so good on you!

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