Jasmine Water BB Cream Review

Sorry I have been absent for a few days.  I am in the final stretch of finals week (well technically its finals 10 days) and I haven’t had time to eat or sleep let alone blog.  Today I had my 4th exam, and don’t have another one for 2 days so I figured I could take a break from studying tonight and finally share with you guys some of the things I have been trying out.  Starting off with my first ever BB Cream.

So I first heard about BB creams from Asia a few years ago when I got really into watching YouTube beauty videos.  All of that lead to me starting my own channel and then starting this blog.  But I have always been interested in trying a real Asian BB cream.  I know Garnier and Smashbox have since created BB creams, but I have heard countless times that they don’t compare to the Asian ones.  I’ve always wanted to try one but never wanted to pay for the shipping, or wait the sometimes really long time it takes to ship it from overseas.  So when I learned I was going to New York City for school, I knew I was going to hit up China Town and pick up a few of the BB creams I’ve been lusting after.

I did a ton of research on which one’s I wanted to try out, which would work best with my skin texture and which would match my skin tone the best.  Be warned girls, if you are thinking of trying out an Asian BB cream, be aware that they do come in colors and every brand works differently.  Some are more for dry and medium skin tones, while others are fair and are great for oily skin.  So word to the wise, do your research because they do come in colors and like foundations some work well for dry skin while others work better for oily.  So I spent probably 2 weeks researching which would be best, and I wish I could link off all the sites I found but I narrowed my search down to 2 BB creams that I really wanted.  If you’re interested in Asian BB creams, just google “best bb creams” and you’ll get videos and a ton of websites.  Well, long story short, I didn’t end up getting my BB creams in New York City because every single store was closed when I was there.  I ended up purchasing them off Amazon instead.

I don’t remember why I took this picture because unless you can read Korean it doesn’t do much good.  I guess to prove that it really is from Korea, I don’t know.  But I narrowed my search to 2, the Jasmine Water BB cream and the Lioele.  The Lioele will be saved for much later because like I said previously, they do have different colors and the Lioele is just a shade too dark right now but will be perfect for the summer when I get a little tan.

The Jasmine Water BB cream comes in a squeeze tube like this, which I love because it really allows you get get every little bit of product while still being hygienic. For all of you who don’t know what a BB cream claims to do, it basically is supposed to be a miracle in a bottle.  From what I’ve read, and someone correct me if I’m wrong, but these are supposed to have a lot of different skin care functions.

It claims to do 5 things.

1. Whiten your skin.  These are supposed to lighten dark spots and hyper pigmentation.

2. Moisturize and Protect. These are supposed to be like SPF moisturizers, and this one has SPF 30.

3. Improve the texture of your skin.  These are supposed to even out the texture in your skin and help fight or hide wrinkles.

4. Improve your skin in terms of acne.  They are supposed to help prevent break outs and depending on the one you get, also control oil.

5. Be a foundation.  This also varies in terms of coverage, some are more like tinted moisturizers while others can be like full coverage foundations.

So I had to show you guys my skin without makeup and then show you after so you can see this product in action.

Before, no makeup.

Formula wise, this baby is thick.  I don’t know if all BB creams are this thick but this is really really thick.  Its thicker than any foundation I have ever tried.  But a little goes a long way.  I used about half the size of a dime for my entire face.  This is definitely a full coverage BB cream, but can be worn to more of a medium coverage, like I’m wearing here.  I have worn more and it can be completely full coverage, totally rivaling my Revlon Color Stay and Laura Mercier.  This is probably the easiest face product I’ve ever bought, or tied for the easiest.  It is so easy to apply and stays all day.  I’ve tried this out on a 12 hour wear and the only areas that I saw that faded were the areas that needed extra coverage (like under my eyes).  I love the look, its a semi matte coverage but it definitely brightens my face.

Overall, I’m in love.  I’ve used this for a few weeks now and I love the look it gives my skin, I love the coverage, I love the lasting power, I love that I’m using less product than normal, I love that I can’t feel it on my skin after it sinks in, and I love that my skin seems majorly improved since switching to this product.  I don’t have issues with dryness like I did after my last foundation and I don’t have to worry about looking like I have product on my face.  It is the most natural look and I seriously can’t sing this products praises enough.  If you’re fair like I am and you’re thinking of trying an Asian BB cream, this is a MUST.  The only downside is that it was a little pricey on Amazon and it is a little thick, but once it sinks in I don’t feel it.

Grade: A

Price: $33 on Amazon plus shipping.

12 thoughts on “Jasmine Water BB Cream Review

  1. Great review! What were you looking for that made you narrow down your choices to these two picks? PS. By “whitening,” most manufacturers mean that it corrects hyper pigmentation and dark spots — not that it lightens your skin indiscriminately. 🙂

    • hey thanks!!! i’ll fix my post right now thanks for letting me know, thats kind of embarrassing lol. and i was looking for one that was light enough for my skin tone and it narrowed it down. and then i saw so many reviews for this one that said it was full coverage, great at blending, oil control and a stayed for a while. i found it on a few blogs who had reviewed it and then a forum type site that let people rate bb creams and this one was ranked the highest

      • Oh no, that’s totally not embarrassing! That’s what I thought too at first, especially in light of, as you said, Asian cultures’ tendency to favor lighter skin tones. And awesome! I might look into this one. 🙂 (Also, I have to say your “before” pic looks pretty darn amazing by itself. I can barely tell a difference!)

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