May Julep Mavens Box

I think I may be cancelling my Julep subscription.  The last 4 boxes, this one included, have disappointed me for one reason or another. February, I liked the colors but hated that they gave me a mini bar of chocolate.  March, hated 2 out of the 3 colors, and while I bashed the emery board when I got it because its cheap, I through it in my purse and it isn’t god awful but still bad for your nails. Last month, 2 out of the 5 colors were sheer and watery, 2 were like applying tar and only 1 was amazing.  Spoiler alert, this month I hated everything I got.

This month I got 3 colors, like normal, and a sample of the best Pedi Cream ever.  The Best Pedi Cream ever is nice, it smells like cucumbers and is really moisturizing.  Its a little greasy but I like that for a foot cream.  But is this really my “extra” that I get every month? When I first signed up I was getting these in every box, plus a top coat or base coat.  Maybe this month is supposed to be less because the magnetic nail polish is valued at $18.

Kylie.  This is Juleps magnetic nail polish.  Positives: the magnet it easy to use and easy to control.  Negatives: everything else! The polish was thick and hard to apply and get even.  You use the side of the magnet that doesn’t have the lines, which threw me for a minute.  I lines that showed up were uneven, weird and looked absolutely awful.  Maybe I was just spoiled with other brands that are better, but the polish looked better before I used the magnet.

Nessa.  Sorry this coloring is off, but you can see the polish and the formula.  Formula was watery and took forever to dry.  So when I thought it was dry and I applied another coat, it turned into a tacky mess. It was a little streaky, got everywhere and this was 3 coats.

Ashley.  I lost the sunlight while painting to take this picture, sorry about this guys.  But I had the same problem with this one that I did with Nessa.  The formula was really sheer and watery.  This is 3 coats, and it wasn’t as streaky but still got everywhere.

What I hated the most about this box and why I probably won’t ever use these again … These were the worst brushes I have ever used.  They changed their brushes to be more like OPI brushes, flat and wide.  But they have stay hairs in every single brush, they are too hard and don’t move at all.  So there was no way that I could get a clean and even application.  The middle of every finger had no polish because it was too rough a brush, but I would have huge globs of polish on either side.  It doesn’t fan out at all when you put it to the nail, but the tip of the brush has a natural bell shape.  Because of that shape, I can’t get application to my cuticles without getting polish all over the place.  And having all three of the brushes I got be exact the same makes me think this isn’t a fluke or accident, this is how the new brushes are.  And they are the worst I’ve ever used.

Julep is such a hit and miss.  You either get amazing products or you get ones that are a total waste of money.  After being a Maven for almost a year, since they started doing the Maven program in the beginning of August, I have tried a lot of products.  And now that they are coming to Sephora, I’m thinking of doing a post about my best and worst julep products.  I haven’t completely made up my mind, because those golden moments of perfect polishes stay in my mind and make me want to continue being a Maven.  But for $20 a month where I am constantly battling with bad formulas and brushes and disappointed with the extras, its not worth the glimmer of hope I get every other month from a perfect polish.


9 thoughts on “May Julep Mavens Box

  1. I ended up skipping this month because I hate magnetic polish and I didn’t care for the other colors. I guess it’s a good thing I did. The new brushes scare me! Hopefully they will fix them before the next month.

    • hopefully! i haven’t cancelled yet because i want to see the colors i’ll get in the next box. but yeah they need to do something about those brushes. and the magnetic polish isn’t work $18, if someone is going to sephora they can get the nails inc one for less money and it works better

  2. Ugh yes! I hate the new brush, this was my first experience with magentic polish so I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right but looks like we got the same results. I think I may be canceling my subscription as well :/

    • yeah can’t stand them now! they were ok before but the last 2 boxes have had these horrible brushes. i’m keeping the nail polish to franken with but other than that they won’t be used

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