Hype for Metallic for Life

I have a lot of catching up to do! Finals are finally over!!! As of noon on cinco de mayo, I was officially in my second year of law school.  I have 1 week off before my summer internship starts and another week after that before I have to take a summer class.  So this week I’m going to catch up on all the books on my shelf that I’ve been waiting to read and painting my nails.  But first I have to catch up on all the manicures I had during finals that I never posted on here.  Starting with what I wore when I took my first final.  Y’all know I love red and black manicures, but what you guys don’t know is that I love black and any type of “girly” color.  Pink, purple, and red with a black accent nail, I’m in love.  Also when I was thinking about my Zoya Earth Day order I saw a color similar to this purple and it reminded me that I haven’t worn it in a while.

Orly “Hype” is a nice red toned medium purple.  This is one of the colors that I got in my swap with Zenorah, and I love that she sent me a little bottle. I really need to start buying the minis rather than full sizes because I have worn this color twice and no where near using up this bottle.  There are so many full size polishes on my shelf that are used once and I could have saved so much money (not to mention storage space) if I had bought the minis. I love this color so much and I never would have picked it for myself.  Only downside, this was 4 coats.  But totally worth it because it dries to a matte finish so it dries really quickly.  The formula was a little watery, which is why my pinky had some messy cuticles.  But again, I love this color, totally worth it and its one of those colors that translates in every season.  Bright enough for summer but dark enough for fall.  Then I had to put some black in there, and since I love glitter I went for one of my favorite black glitters, OPI “Metallic for Life”.  This is 2 coats and seriously one of my favorite black glitters of all time.  I actually threw away another bottle after I bought this one because that could never compare.  After writing this post, I really want to do this manicure again! I love girly colors, black and glitter.

One thought on “Hype for Metallic for Life

  1. This looks cool! I don’t have metallic for life but i do have follow me on glitter from nicole by opi. this looks a lil bit like this

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