China Glaze Summer Neons Collection Preview

I know I’m a little late posting about this upcoming collection, but better late than never.  As everyone can tell by now, Neons are huge this spring and summer.  Neons are always big for nails in the summer, but we are seeing Neons in makeup and clothing now too.  So China Glaze is coming out with another Neon collection for this summer, but maybe this is just me, but this one seems a little different.

This new 12 piece collection and have a wide range of colors:

Loves a Beach: hot pink with what looks like silver shimmer

Hang-Ten Toes: Bubblegum pink with iridescent purple shimmer

Beach Cruise-r: Fuchsia shimmer

Under the Boardwalk: a bright medium raspberry

Ride the Waves: Darker cobalt blue

Splish Splash: Ocean blue shimmer

I’m With The Lifeguard: Lime green shimmer

Sun-kissed: Highlighter Yellow with shimmer

Orange You Hot?: Bright orange with gold shimmer

Surfin for Boys: Bright Coral with shimmer

Flirty Tankini: Bright Strawberry shimmer

Pink Plumeria: Bright light pink with gold shimmer

What sets this collection apart from their other neon collections in the past is that most of these polishes are neon shimmers! I don’t own too many neons, and unfortunately none from China Glaze but what I’ve seen on other blogs, there aren’t too many neons with shimmer.  They all seem to be cream or matte finishes.  So all you neon lovers out there, this might be something new and different for y’all to try!  Collection comes out in June 2012 so be on the lookout in the next few weeks!

5 thoughts on “China Glaze Summer Neons Collection Preview

  1. I need all of these! I have one from China Glaze very similiar to Sun-kissed. It is called Celtic Sun, and from the picture it looks exactly the same! I was trying to pick a favorite, and I honestly couldn’t, they are so pretty!

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