Zoya “Ki”

I have to apologize in advance for this pictures.  I’m still doing my project pan, and I included nail items as well.  I am trying to use up all my makeup and nail products and sometimes picking up old products is not always a good thing.  Case in point: this base coat.  This was totally my fault, I had 3 bottles of base coat that were almost empty so I just combined them into one bottle.  The result, an ok base but it makes every single manicure bubble like crazy.  I don’t know why, but I get bubbles in every manicure no matter what, no matter how thin or thick or dry the base is.  Needless to say, after it created crazy bubbles in this manicure I threw it away.  But this is the first in a long line of Zoya polishes to try.  I got my Zoya Earth Day and Zoya Share the Love order in so I have a ton of new polishes to share!

This post will have a ton of pictures because there was no way to capture the beauty of this polish.  Zoya “Ki” is like an oil slick on your nails.  Its a dark duochrome/multichrome polish.  I got this a part of my Share The Love order and can’t believe I had never heard of this polish before.  When I first saw a picture of this bottle I was so turned off because I thought it was exactly the same as OPI “Not Like The Movies”, which came out with the Katy Perry collection, or Butter London “Knackered” without the glitter.  But when I google searched if they were dupes, all the blogs I found highly recommended this over the OPI.  I might do a comparison post but from all the other comparison posts I’ve seen, the OPI is much much lighter and is more like a silver grey.  Ki is more of a charcoal grey and a lot darker.

This reminds me of a black pearl.  I should have taken a picture of this polish next to my black pearls because it had that dark charcoal look with flashes of purple and green.  I wish I had Chanel’s “Black Pearl” to know if this compares to that, since that is supposed to look like a real black pearl.  This polish has such a strong bright purple flash and I absolutely love it.  When this polish catches the light, it is bright purple.  But when it isn’t in direct sunlight it is a charcoal dark grey that has a green shimmer.  I tried so hard to capture the green but it doesn’t show up too much in the pictures, but I promise in real life the green is very apparent.  The only negative to this polish is that it was a little hard to apply.

This is the second time I wore this polish because the first time I applied 3 coats and it seemed so thick and bubbly.  So I took it all over and tried again, and this is one of those polishes that you can’t apply a thin coat at all.  I don’t know how to describe it but the color wouldn’t apply in a thin coat, it got really blotchy and dragged and I couldn’t get it to be smooth.  So I had to do 2 thick coats here and wait a really long time between coats.  So while I hate the application, it was definitely worth it because it was so so pretty.

11 thoughts on “Zoya “Ki”

  1. Duochrome polishes are so pretty! I got the American Apparel one, found out it was a Deborah Lippman dupe, which was a dupe of the O.P.I one, which had dupes from Revlon and Topshop – It seems everyone’s loving the duocrome/petrol look at the moment!

    • yeah there are so many dupes out there. this one i think is the darkest out of all of them. have you tried any other duochromes? i love the beetle looking ones, like the one from hard candy or orly “space cadet”

      • Ah! the beetle ones are pretty too. I like some of the ones by Models own! Theyre not too duochrome-y but theyre still kinda iridescent and have the same feel to them!
        They don’t sell Orly in Tokyo so i have to order it which is a bit of a pain I must say

      • ohhh i’ve wanted to try a models own duochrome polishes, especially that new blue one (india something). and you live in tokyo?!?! that is so freaking cool i’m insanely jealous. have you lived there your whole life or just a few years?

      • yeah! I really like them! Topshop do a few nice ones actually too.
        8 out of 18 years! So quite a while to say the least! I love it here but miss home! Will be back jn London for uni mind you

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