Zoya “Shelby”

This is my first real pink polish.  Can you believe that? I’ve never been big on pinks, so the few that I did own were so light they were almost white or glitter.  I think I can name all the pinks I own on one hand and they are all baby pink cremes or some form of glitter like Butter London “Rosie Lee” or Deborah Lippmann “Candy Shop”.  Ok, I own maybe 10 pinks total but I have never ventured into the real pinks.  I was never one to pick out a true fuchsia or hot pink.  I always thought they were too ordinary, too girly, too obvious, and too normal.  But when I saw swatches of the Zoya Beach collection, this one caught my eye.  I know the picture is a little dark, it was slightly overcast that day, but even looking at this picture reminds me of how much I really liked this polish.

Zoya “Shelby” is a true bubblegum pink creme.  It leans to the blue side of the pinks and I honestly think this really flatters my skin tone and I was surprised about how much I liked it.  This polish made me feel like Barbie, and I kept thinking that it made my nails look fake.  This is 2 coats and opaque.  There were no problems with the formula at all, it was a breeze to work with.  In all honestly, this may have opened the door to other pink polishes because I really liked wearing this.  This is the second in a long line of Zoya polishes I still have to wear, but I really want to put it on again.  I can tell its about to be summer because I’m craving light and bright creme polishes.

7 thoughts on “Zoya “Shelby”

  1. I was just wearing this on my fingers (still have it on my toes.) Unlike you, I thought the formula was meh… definitely not the best I’ve worked with, and I’m used to “the best” with Zoya so I was slightly disappointed. However, the color is definitely worth the issues I had with the formula. It definitely did remind me of Barbie!!

    • i’ve felt that way with other zoyas so i’m right there with ya! but this is my first pink from them and every other pink i have require 3 or 4 coats. so hopefully if this just ok with you that means there are better formula pinks for me to discover! what are some good pinks i can try?

  2. Zoya Ali is good – it’s a neon. Essie Virgin Orchid is a pale pink, very pretty. China Glaze has some good pinks but I don’t have my stash in front of me right now and for the life of me can’t remember specific names. Oh, and Color Club has a couple good pinks: Yum Gum and and Poptastic.

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