Whats With The Catitude You Celestial Star?

Thought I stopped doing my Project to Use my Unused Polishes? I completely forgot that I was about half way through that project until I got my Zoya Earth Day order in and completely redesigned my nail polish storage.  Needless to say, I outgrew my wall racks (and yes, racks, plural).  So I took off all the bottles off my racks that were from a brand I only had 1 or 2 polishes of.  The display racks in my bathroom now only have brands that I have a ton of bottles of, and the rest are stored in a container.  So as I was reorganizing my stash, I noticed that I still have a ton of polishes that I haven’t tried! So I picked up another polish from my swap with Zenorah, Quo “Celestial Star”.  Normally I would try to come up with a cool name for this polish but I honestly couldn’t think of anything better, these names were a little odd together.

Celestial Star is a deep navy blue but comes out extremely bright on the nails.  When I first put this one I was really intimidated by how bright the blue was, but the more coats you do the more it deepens up.  But what is amazing about this polish is just how much shimmer is in it! It is such an appropriate name for this polish because it really does remind me of a galaxy.  I would love to try galaxy nails with this polish because I think it would just shine.  This was 3 coats and totally worth it.  And because its getting into summer, I was really craving wearing all those signature summer colors of mine so I paired it with OPI “What’s With The Catitude?”.  Whats with the Catitude is one of my favorite sky blue polishes, and is definitely my most used out of all my light blues.  I’ve featured this polish on my blog and tumblr before, so I’m not going to go into details of this polish.  But I will say that this polish is extremely thin and watery.  Its actually kind of a pain to work with but it is such a pretty color that I can deal.

What do you guys think of this polish? Do any of you own any Quo polishes? Or do you have Whats With The Catitude?

11 thoughts on “Whats With The Catitude You Celestial Star?

  1. Such a pretty combo!! Blue looks really good on you! And yup i think i might just get myself a bottle of Quo Celestial Star after this manicure. lol.

      • lol i have Orly Lunar Eclipse which is a dupe of it. But i have heard the Quo version is better. But i have yet to finish that bottle – will take a long time, Orly bottles are MASSIVE lol. But i wanted to get it for you, Lunar Eclipse was from the Cosmic FX Collection 2010, probably Orly’s best so far.

      • i have a few from the cosmic fx collection and it took me ages to track it down! amazing polishes! and you’re right there’s no way someone could finish a bottle of orly unless you only own a few polishes in your collection (which i don’t think you and me qualify!)

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