Barry M “Peach Melba”

I picked up this beauty the last time I was in London.  I debated on whether or not to even show this polish because I have shown it before.  While I obviously wear repeat polishes, I try not to show them on my blog.  How many times can I write about how awesome a color is or how watery a formula.  But if you want to see my other swatch of this color, you can look here!  When I went to London over Christmas I knew this was one of the polishes I was going to get.  Some of my favorite YouTube gurus rave about this polish so I have wanted to try it out forever.  When I bought it, I was a little apprehensive because peach is a color I love in the bottle but don’t always love on my skin.  This polish is definitely an exception!  Barry M “Peach Melba” is a light peach creme polish and I absolutely love how this looks on me.  I have so many peach polishes that never get used because if it starts to lean too much on the orange side it clashes with my skin tone in a fierce and angry way.  But this is the perfect color for me.  And the application is just as perfect.  This is 2 coats and it evened out nicely, it wasn’t too watery but not too thick where it  would pull at the cuticles or be a streaky mess.  I love this color and can’t wait to wear it more this summer!

6 thoughts on “Barry M “Peach Melba”

  1. I’m jealous! I’ve been wanting to try Barry M. for awhile but do not have the means to do so at the moment… however, this color looks absolutely lovely. Definitely adding it to my wish list 😀

    • barry m is such a good drug store brand in the uk i would love to own the whole collection. its so cheap too! if you ever do get your hands on barry m this and dusty mauve are must haves!

  2. I had to tell you that I just Google image searched for this color, and I thought “those looks like Holly’s nails!” …and I was right! 😀

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