Zoya’s “Perrie” and “Raven”

I have to vent for a minute.  I have broken 2 nails in the last few days.  My ring finger on my right hand (non-swatching hand) broke down so far and completely off that I was bleeding.  Then my middle finger on my left hand (swatching hand) has chipped every single day for the last 3 days.  How does that happen!? A few days ago it chipped on the side and I had to file it down, yesterday it chipped at the tip and I had to file it more and then just now as I was about to write this post it chipped on the side again.  Now, I’m left with a nail that barely covers the tip of my finger, but I refused to file my other nails down.  I know it doesn’t look great, but I can’t stand to take all my nails that short because it is so hard to get them to grow.  Sorry, I use my blog to rant about the stupid vain things I don’t like to vent out loud to anyone but people who are as nail obsessed as I am.  Now onto the colors! I am still going through all my Zoya polishes that I got in my Earth Day order.

Zoya “Perrie” is one that was recommended my Zenorah.  I know I always mention her but she’s amazing and I really really lean on her for all her beauty knowledge.  She recommended this polish and then I saw her post on it and knew I had to have it (click here for her swatches!).  And she was definitely spot on with this polish.  Perrie is a medium toned pink/purple creme and it has one of the best formulas I’ve used in a long time for a creme polish.  Practically opaque in 1 coat, but I used 2 just to make sure it was perfect.  I wore this all weekend and didn’t get a single chip and I was playing football and washing and waxing my boat.  And because I can never have a normal girly color on its own, I had to add Zoya “Raven” to my index finger.  I love adding black to the index finger because that is what so many of my favorite punk guitar players did when I was in my teens (yes, I thought I was punk rock back then).  Raven is one of the most popular blacks on the market and I can definitely tell why after using it.  Opaque in 2 coats and while it has a very slight shimmer, it only makes the color pop more and be more intense.  I love this black polish and definitely has turned into my favorite regular black polish in my collection.  And I loved this manicure so much that I’m thinking of doing it again over the weekend!

Are any of you like me and like pairing black with pink, purple or red? Do any of you guys have either Perrie or Raven? What do y’all think?

4 thoughts on “Zoya’s “Perrie” and “Raven”

  1. You are amazing too Holly, i can’t wait to see your zoya earth day haul and I love the black nail with it. Love the edginess it gives it!!!

  2. I am totally with you on filing. I RARELY file all of my nails down if I break one. I bit my nails all throughout my childhood and teen years; it wasn’t until about 3 or 4 years ago when I kicked the habit for good. When one breaks, I kind of have a mini panic attack (pathetic, I know…) and refuse to file the rest down. I love my long nails and I can’t stand having to cut them all short for ONE broken one!

    Anyway, now that I’ve ranted… I love these swatches 🙂 I purchased Raven with my recent Earth Day order as well but haven’t had a chance to use it. I’m thinking I will use that for my weekend manicure, maybe with a silver glitter accent nail.

    • ooooohhh that would look so pretty! and i’m glad that i’m not the only one that does that! i was a nail biter too and now i cherish my nails. its actually kind of pathetic how much i cry about them

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