China Glaze “Sweet Hook”

Another repeat post, sorry guys.  I try not to post too many of these repeaters but for some reason I was really craving to wear this polish.  After wearing Zoya “Perrie” and loving it, I kind of wanted to try this color again.  This to me is like the lighter younger sister of Perrie, and for some reason I remember being really impressed with this polish.  If you want to see this polish in a previous post with some glitter, go here!  I started my summer internship this week and I am really trying to feel out what nail polish is appropriate.  Needless to say, I’ve been living in a ton of nudes and conservative colors lately.  So be prepared for an influx of those types of subdued manicures.  I wore China Glaze “Sweet Hook”on my first day, hoping that it wouldn’t be too extreme.  Sweet hook is a light lavender/pink color that looks really purple indoors but really bright pinky-lilac in the direct sunlight.  This is 2 coats and its so smooth and creamy that it shows the ridges in my nails.  I know I could get a ridge filler, but I am trying to use up my base coats.  Although it shows imperfections, I still really like the color and the formula is a dream to work with.  Great color that totally worked in an office setting but also is something I would wear on the weekends!

5 thoughts on “China Glaze “Sweet Hook”

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