Naked Tart with a Heart

Best blog post name ever!! That’s all I have to say.  Also, I just realized that this is the skankiest name with the most expensive nail polishes!  Totally makes me think of the Dolly Parton quote “it takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” Anyways … Like I said in my last post I started my summer internship and being a legal internship, I have to dress rather professionally and conservatively.  I wore China Glaze “Sweet Hook” for my first day and while no one said anything, every single female I saw in the entire building either had bare nails or nude/sheer pink nails.  So I think I’m going to stick with the nudes until I’m a little more comfortable with my job.  So I went to my favorite nude, Deborah Lippmann “Naked.” 

I was on a hunt last year for probably 4 or 5 months looking for that perfect nude for mannequin hands.  Mannequin hands was a trend about a year and a half ago that was all about wearing a nail polish that matched your skin tone perfectly.  It made your fingers look ultra long and skinny because it made your nails completely blend in with your skin.  I bought probably 4 or 5 polishes looking for the perfect nude before I found this one.  Naked is seriously a perfect nude for my skin tone.  Its a warmer beige so it matches the pink in my skin.   I haven’t worn this polish in the longest time and after applying it I was dumbfounded as to why. The only downside to Naked is that it is a little sheer and requires 3 coats.

But honestly, I don’t care because it dries amazingly and is super glossy.  Then I couldn’t just have it be a normal nude manicure, so I spiced it up with a nude glitter! Butter London “Tart with a Heart” is a nude jelly based opalescent glitter that has every color glitter in there! It even has flecks of black which makes it look a little gritty.  As you can see from the bottle, this is also sheer and I’ve used this polish quite a bit.  I’ve featured this polish before on my blog as well, so if you want to see what it looks like on its own you can go here!  But I loved how it made Naked stand out a little while still keeping it relatively tame.  This is 1 coat over Naked.  The only downside is that it took away from the glossiness of Naked.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite nude nail polishes? And has anyone ever done the Mannequin hands thing?

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