Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB 24 Review!

So when I ordered my Jasmine Water BB Cream I got this as a sample in the box.  I reviewed the Jasmine Water a while ago so if you want to read my thoughts, you can go here! While I normally would never write a review on a sample I felt like this one I could give a proper review on.  This sample was substantially larger than I thought it would be so I managed to use it every day for a full week.  While that’s isn’t enough time to see if it would improve the texture of my skin or my wrinkles disappearing, like a lot of BB creams claim to do, it was enough time to know how long it lasted on my skin and if it would break me out or not.

Right now I am kicking myself because I forgot to take a picture of the actual product.  Sorry guys, I’ll just have to describe it to you guys.This BB cream has a really nice consistency.  Not too thick, not to thin.  It is thinner than the Jasmine Water BB cream but it also is darker.  I was scared to use this at first because I know that the Jasmine Water matches my skin pretty well and this one seemed a lot darker.  It almost appears to match a medium skin tone.  But once applied, it matched me pretty well and actually gave me a little bit of a tan.

Before, no makeup.

As you can kind of see, this is definitely a full coverage BB cream.  I looked at a lot of different blogs before I wrote this post to see what other people were saying and how much a full size of this BB cream cost, and every single site said this was light coverage.  Light my ass! This thing is just as full coverage as my Jasmine Water.  You can wear it to more of a medium coverage but it was a little difficult to blend.   It didn’t melt into my skin that quickly and because its thick it took a little effort to get it to blend.  I applied it with my fingers like the directions told me to do so I can comment on if it would be easier to apply with a brush.  But in my experience, applying with your fingers is the fastest way to apply foundation and the heat from your hands and face normally help with blending.

Overall, I really like this but I’m still partial to my other BB cream.  It lasted all day and I haven’t had a single break out since using it.  It does a nice job at keeping my shine free all day.  Every other blog post I’ve seen said it does a great job at matching various complexions, and it definitely matched mine considering it is so dark before you apply it.  The downsides, its expensive and its harder to blend.  But if you’re thinking of buying a BB cream and want a nice full coverage one, this one definitely is nice for that!

Price: depending on the site, roughly $40 plus shipping

What do you guys think? Have any of you ever tried a BB cream and what were your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB 24 Review!

  1. I’ve started using BB Cream recently (the Too Faced brand). I like it but I haven’t tried a whole lot of brands yet…hoping to try more!

    I’ve just started a Blog Hop for WordPress-hosted blogs (found your’s through Beautylish btw!) to help gain more exposure for them. If you’re interested please link up here: http://www.adorabeauty.net/?p=3607 =)

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