Kristen Popped a Bottle!

Here is a manicure from last weekend! Eek! Sorry guys! A little update on my personal life is in order I guess.  I’ve mentioned a few times on here that I’m a boater.  I live literally a quarter mile from one of the great lakes, I could walk out my door and go swimming in 5 minutes if I wanted to. My parents bought a boat 18 years ago, so i grew up around boats.  Anyways, boating season is here and its getting really warm outside! So I have been trying to get my boat ready to go in the water, cleaning it up, bottom painting and making sure the engines are good to go.  Getting a boat ready to go in the water takes a good 2 weekends of full work.  Plus, I started my summer externship 2 weeks ago and then this week me and my boyfriend got the not so amazing idea to start insanity (the workout regime).  Then to top it off, my summer class started this Monday and that’s 3 nights a week for 3 hours. Needless to say, I barely have time to change my manicure let alone tell you guys about them.

This was my manicure last weekend.  Zoya “Kristen” is a light cornflower blue with a hint of grey.  I got this polish right around the same time I was struggling with Julep “Jessica”.  This is pretty much a dead on dupe of Jessica but this polish was infinitely better! 2 coats and it was a breeze to work with.  Then because I had been wearing work appropriate colors all week I was craving a fun glitter.  Icing “Pop a Bottle” is a dupe for one of those OPI Burlesque colors, I think Sparklicious.  Pop a bottle is an opaque gold, blue and pink glitter! So pretty, so festive and it really sparkles in the sunlight.  Opaque in 2 coats and one of my more used glitters lately, especially on my toes.

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