Zoya “Adina”

You know those polishes that your camera seriously hates? Those colors that your camera just says “F you, I’m not working that hard?” That was this polish! I seriously took about 50 pictures of this manicure trying to get the green flash to come out as strong as it does in person.  What you see as a white shimmer, is actually a super strong lime green shimmer! This is another polish I got in my Zoya Earth Day order and to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t excited about this one.  Everyone claims that this polish is one of their favorites and its a highly talked about Zoya polish, but I have so colors like this one already.  I thought I had at least one dead on dupe, and then 3 others that are very very similar. But the minute I put it on my nails I realized how wrong I was and just how fun this polish is.

This picture was the best I could get to capture just how much the color changes.  The pinky shows the green color better but its still not as bright as it is in person.  If you ever get a chance to see this polish, do not even hesitate to buy it!  This polish is a true duochrome! Zoya “Adina” is a purple polish that has the strongest green flash I have ever seen! It seriously looks like right green shimmer on your nails in the right light, and then in other lights its very subdued.  I thought this was a dead on dupe for OPI “Significant Other Color” which I really like because its a soft purple and green duochrome but they are nothing alike.  Just like Zoya “Ki” and OPI “Not Like The Movies,” Adina is a lot darker and needed less coats that Significant Other Color. I might do a comparison post of the two but honestly if you’re going to get one then decide if you want a strong duochrome or a subtle and soft sheer color with a slight difference.

This polish was incredible, only needed 2 coats.  While it is a tad streaky, I don’t mind because when the light hits it at that angle that makes it look like bright lime green.  This angle shows the slight pink color that appears too.  If you look to the left corners of my middle and index fingers you can see a slight pink tint.  I really loved this polish and highly recommend it.  With all the purple and green duochromes out there, this one is by far the best I own.

3 thoughts on “Zoya “Adina”

  1. Pretty colour! I got happi and i think this is a simulair one but than in purple. Do you have opi nail apps near you 😀

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