Acid Nails Tutorial

I found this nail polish tutorial on a nail polish blog some months ago and thought it looked really really cool.  But on that blog they called it Grunge Nails.  I’ve already done a nail polish tutorial on Grunge Nails which was a slightly different technique.  If you want to see what that nail polish tutorial looks like, you can go here!  But this looked like too much fun to not try and it reminded me like more of an acid trip with the bright colors and the black so I renamed it “Acid Nails”.  I hope you guys enjoy! And keep reading for close up pictures!

These pictures are a little embarrassing to post because they are so messy.  I didn’t clean up my cuticles before I took all these pictures and really regret it now. But, hopefully y’all will forgive the messiness of the manicure and just focus on the colors and technique!

What do you guys think? Have any of you ever heard of this, or seen anything similar to this before?

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