Zoya “Sophia”

I’m slowly branching out in my nail polish choices at work. I’m still a little nervous about what is appropriate and what isn’t.  No one really tells you when you start a “big girl” job what is appropriate in that particular office.  While I still am not comfortable going into the bright blues and greens, I have started wearing colors other than nudes.  I figured if there was any color that would be more “fun” than a nude and still be office appropriate would be a red.  Red is such a classic color that has been around forever, so I figured a good place to start branching out would be red.  So I was about to pick my favorite red creme when I remembered that I picked up a berry color in my Earth Day order.

Zoya “Sophia” is described as a purple but to me this isn’t purple at all.  This looks more like a wine color.  This is 2 coats but it definitely needs 3 to make the color even.  I did this manicure at night, and then took the pictures in the morning and realized that there was some spots in the center of the nail or areas close to the cuticles that were more sparse than the tips.  It is a wine creme polish that was really easy to work with and surprisingly I loved the color on me.  It was darker but not too dark to make it a vampy color.  It was bright in the sun but indoors it was subdued and totally appropriate.  I really think this will be a stable fall color for me and I might have to put it on again for work.  It definitely made me feel like a power woman wearing this on my nails and a black suit!

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