China Glaze “Fois Gras”

I am still slowly but surely trying to use all my unused polishes.  I still have a long list of polishes to get through but surprisingly a lot of those polishes are more fall colors or more winter colors.  I even have a polish in there from a halloween collection!  I think I have about 15 on my list left to go and I was surprised when I saw I still had 3 of the Hunger Games colors.  I was obsessed with that collection mostly due to its affiliation with the movie rather than the actual colors in the collection. This polish was one of the ones that I was the least excited about because I think the purple/grey/beige polish trend ended about 2 fall’s ago.  I got so sick of hearing people talk about the same polishes and seeing the same shades come out in every collection..  So its surprising that I actually bought this polish! Again, I think it was just because its affiliated with the movie than the need to own another one of these polishes.  But I will say, this polish is really nice!

China Glaze “Fois Gras” is a purple/grey/beige color that was made famous by polishes like Sephora by OPI “Metro Chic”, OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques” and Chanel “Paradoxal”.  I own a few of these types of polishes but I will say, this one leans the most purple.  It hasn’t gone so far as being like Zoya’s “Kelly” but it really straddles that line between the three colors perfectly.  The thing I love most about this color … its almost opaque in 1 coat! I did 2 just to make sure everything was opaque but 1 thick coat could give you a complete manicure.  I will say I love this color for the office.  Its chic and sophisticated while being a color that I can get away with at work.  Its a color that I feel looks amazing with a charcoal grey suit but still a color that you don’t see every day (at least not anymore!).

What do you guys think? Do you still guys still like the purple/grey/beige polishes or do you think that trend is over? Do any of you have this color?

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