HARE Polish “Archipelago”

I was reading some blog posts and I came a post on Nailin’ It.  She featured a polish from HARE Polish and I flipped.  To read her post about HARE Polish Bisbee, go here!  HARE Polish is an indie brand polish (aka, homemade nail polish) that I think started on Tumblr. Nikole, the creator, makes my favorite indie nail polishes because they are perfectly restrained.  While I love and totally support indie polishes, a lot that I’ve seen have everything including the kitchen sink inside.  They are basically glitter explosions that have every size, shape, and color glitter and while its a hit with a lot of people, I like my polishes to be a little simpler.  That’s why HARE Polish is my favorite.  All her polishes are chunky glitters in a jelly base, but she keeps it simple and lets her color combinations and size of the glitters create magic.  These are fun glitters while not being overkill.

I have featured my HARE Polish’s before but this polish hasn’t gotten enough love.  I was really craving wearing a dark color the other day so after seeing the post on Nailin’ It, I had to bust this out and wear it again.  HARE Polish “Archipelago” is a dark blue jelly with chunky pieces of copper glitter.  The blue is a little on the grey side but I love that! Its a perfect cool blue that paired with the warm copper glitter makes it totally unique.  Another amazing thing about HARE is that all the polishes can be worn on their own! These don’t need to be layered and this one is definitely the most opaque that I have.  This is 2 coats and totally opaque.  I’m in love, and everyone should check out her facebook page because shes going to have a sale coming up! While this polish won’t be available, 2 other collections will be for sale and I’m already stalking her to make sure I can get some of them!

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