I Lily Love You Perrie

I’m sorry I’ve been absent again.  I am hitting a wall that should never even be reached in the summer.  Taking summer classes has really been the death of me in the last few days.  I had class every day this week so I haven’t had much time to blog.  So, again, I’m a few manicures behind.  But on the bright side, I think I have finally gotten comfortable enough in my summer internship that I feel like I can branch out with my nail polish choices.  I still am a little hesitant to go into lime green or neon blue but I do feel like I can do a pink or purple with a flakie on top.  Case in point, this manicure! I was looking at my stash and realized that I have only worn this flakie maybe one or two times.  I think I wore it once and then tried to wear it again and hated the manicure.  So I’m busting it out again to see if I judged it too quickly.

I started with Zoya “Perrie” which is an amazing medium toned purple-pink creme polish.  It is pretty much opaque in one coat, and that is what is shown here! I have featured it on my blog before so I want go into too much detail because what people notice the most is the flakie polish.  OPI “I Lily Love You” came out last summer in a collection that I’m blanking on the name.  I hunted this polish down because I knew I wanted it right away, but once I got it I wasn’t he biggest fan.  I Lily Love You falls into one of those categories that is a jelly that is too sheer to wear on its own but you have to be careful what you pair it with because it alters the color of your manicure.  It also falls into the same category of Icing’s “After Party” where you get sharp edges poking up from your nail.  This is one coat and you can see from my ring finger how much it changed the color of the Zoya polish.  Overall, this polish isn’t everything I want it to be.  Its an “ok” flakie but its too hard to work with, needing a few layers of top coat for a smooth surface and you have to be careful which color you pair it with.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish?

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