Zoya “Roxie”

I really think I have finally picked my favorite finish of nail polish.  While I do love my creme polishes, I have come to the conclusion that pigmented jelly polishes with glitter are my favorite.  I own every single Deborah Lippmann polish that is a jelly base with chunky glitter, and I have my eye on about 30 different indie polishes that are the same concept.  I gravitate towards jelly polishes but nothing beats a good opaque jelly with glitter.  Case in point, Zoya “Roxie”.  I picked this baby up a few months ago and I am kicking myself that I didn’t put it on right away.  This polish is a dark purple-red jelly packed with right magenta micro-glitter.  This is very reminiscent of all those other glitters in a jelly base but what I love about this polish is that it was a dream to work with.

Roxie went on this opaque in just 2 coats, and like a lot of other polishes that are a similar consistency, it dried pretty fast.  It wasn’t Sally Hansen Insta-Dri fast, but fast enough where when I was done with my last finger the first was completely dry.  Another thing that I didn’t photograph because I didn’t even realize it until I was about to take this polish off, but in artificial light indoors, this polish also has a blue flash.  Weird as it sounds, and it might be the type of light bulbs I was around, but it almost looked like the glitter inside was so magenta that it had a blue flash to it.  I love this polish and the name is so appropriate.  It totally reminds me Chicago the musical and I feel like Roxie Hart would wear this.  I love this polish and be prepared to see more swatches this fall!

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