Zoya “Zuza” and Butter London “Henley Regatta”

I tweeted about this blog post.  I never ever tweet … maybe once every week or two I go on twitter and is if I really try.  I don’t know why, I just never got addicted.  But that is how upset I got when this entire blog post was deleted.  I spent a long time raving about these polishes and it all was deleted.  Thank you wordpress.  Anyways, this was my weekend manicure last weekend and I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people rave about my manicure.  All my friends asked if they could borrow these polishes and I was even stopped by some random women at the bar I was at.  I was at my boat and the marina where I dock my boat is also a bar and park.  I also went to the pool that day so I felt like I needed an aqua/teal manicure for my days on the water.  So I picked up one of the polishes I still had yet to wear for my day out in the sun.

Zoya “Zuza” is a aqua/teal foil that seriously jumps off your nails.  I wish my camera would pick up just how bright this polish was.  This baby grabbed everyone’s attention! And it applied like a dream.  This is 2 smooth coats but I think if you did a thick enough coat you might be able to get away with one.  This polish also has a slight gold shimmer to it that is so subtle that I didn’t even realize until I was staring at my nails while in the sun.  Its stunning and if any of you guys are into the blues and greens for your nails, then this polish is a must have.  The dry time is pretty good too.  By the time I was finished with my last nail my first was 100% dry.  And because I am wearing so many “normal” manicures for work, I had to break out some glitter.  Butter London “Henley Regatta” is a densely packed blue and green microglitter suspended in a clear base.  I’ve worn this polish before and its opaque in 2 coats.  This is the first time I’ve worn it over another color but honestly you couldn’t even see Zuza underneath.  This is another must have polish if you like blues and greens because its blue and green microglitter.  Very dense, easy to work with and because it is so densely packed it dries super fast.

Have any of you guys tried either one of these polishes? What are your thoughts?

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